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Hay tarps provide total protection from high winds or heavy rains and are usually used after the hay is baled.

With our Hay Tarps, your hay will be protected from the elements and will retain its nutrient value as opposed to exposed hay where weathering causes damage in structural integrity thus, a decline in profitability. Keep your hay under wraps with our UV treated tarps, comes in various sizes to suit your hay storage needs 

Australia wide delivery, Flynn Tarps offers a wide variety of tarps for your storage need. Our heavy duty Hay tarps are strong, UV resistant and waterproof!

The following sizes are available, choose size from the dropdown above.


9m x 12m

9m x 9m

7m x 11m

6m x 9m

7m x 7m

6m x 6m


***Please call us before placing order to ensure stocks are available.

***Unfortunately at the moment, shipment to WA and NT is unavailable.